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Pilonidal Disease

What is Pilonidal Disease?

A pilonidal cyst (sacrococcygeal fistula) is an abnormal pocket in the skin that usually locates itself above the buttocks near the tailbone. The cyst looks much like a pimple and commonly contains hair and skin debris. If the cyst becomes infected it can result in a really painful abscess that requires clinical attention.

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Who is affected?

Though anyone can suffer from a painful, inflamed pilonidal cyst, this condition affects men more commonly than women. Pilonidal cysts are also more prevalent among young adults in their late teens, 20s and 30s.

What causes it?

A chronic skin infection that forms near your tailbone in the top crease of your buttocks, a pilonidal cyst is known for causing excruciating pain. They develop when hairs in the cleft of your buttocks grow into your skin and become infected. Risk factors include:
Being overweight
Sedentary lifestyle
Sitting for long periods
Naturally stiff, coarse hair

Treating Pilonidal Disease

Treatment Challenges

History of Pilonidal Treatments

Pioneering a Cutting-Edge Flap-Based Outpatient Pilonidal Treatment Technique

Dr. Nasseri and Dr Barnajian are experts in the Los Angeles area in the treatment of pilonidal cysts. They have perfected a cutting-edge flap-based outpatient treatment technique to relieve their symptoms and minimize their chances of redeveloping. This technique has been perfected over the last decades to reach its current state. The flap procedure is called bilateral fasciocutaneous gluteal flaps with tie over sutures and incorporation of extracellular matrix.

Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Video

Recovering from Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

Dr Barnajian’s Post Operative Care Tips

Dr Nasseri’s Post Operative Care Tips

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